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Communicating and presenting with confidence

How to master storytelling and communication so you can present with confidence and move your audience into action.


Who is this for

  • Executives and non-executives who are tired of seeing their ideas and projects get overlooked, or sidelined, when their colleagues are getting all the funding and support
  • Sales people who want to close more deals
  • Entrepreneurs who want to win more clients and grow their business
  • The speaker who wants their message to be heard by millions, master the stage, and move their audience into action
  • The person who feels stuck and wants to accelerate their career growth

What to expect

  • Up to 20 people per cohort
  • 20+ tools and frameworks 
  • 24+ learning modules
  • 2+ hours of work per week
  • 10+ peer reviews of your work
  • 10+ hours of office-hours calls
  • Live AMA sessions
  • 6-8 assignments to practice your new skills
  • Certificate of completion